Client & Privacy policy

We do not pass on personal information and shall not communicate your personal information to others. Such information shall solely be registered in our client records. You can at any time request the deletion of your information.

For the purpose of your entering into an agreement with RISKFINANCE, we shall need the following information:
. Your name and
. e-mail address

The purpose of our registration of your personal information is to enable us to deliver the product to you.

Your personal information will be registered with RISKFINANCE  and kept for a period of up to five years, whereupon the information will be deleted.

When collecting personal information via our website, we ensure that this always takes place in accordance with your express consent thereto in order that you are informed about the specific information collected and why.

The RISKFINANCE  director and employees will have access to such information as is registered about you.

The  RISKFINANCE data controller is: Jan Olsen

Our storage and transmittance of client information is not encrypted.

Being registered with RISKFINANCE, you shall always be entitled to object against the registration. You shall, likewise, be entitled to get insight into the information registered about you. These rights are in compliance with the Danish Data Protection Act, and any approach in this respect should be addressed to jan@riskfinance.DK.

We use cookies on WWW.RISKFINANCE.DK for the purpose of optimising the website and its functionality, thus making your visit as uncomplicated as possible.

You can at all times delete cookies from your computer, see the guidelines on Webshop Cookies and privacy policy.

We use log statistics on WWW.RISKFINANCE.DK, which means that a statistical system will collect information which provides a statistical picture of the number of visitors to our site, where they come from and from which website page a visitor will leave, etc.

The log statistics are solely applied for the purpose of optimising the RISKFINANCE website.