Are you frustrated about the deficits in insurance coverage, reported by the dailies?

Or about the difference between the various companies’ direct costs? Or what about the investment costs for which you will never be compensated at a pro-rata basis?

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Many of my clients have experienced the same. But do not despair. By way of a systematic approach, we will provide you with building blocks that will give you access to knowledge identical with the knowledge available to the pension providers with whom you are negotiating. You will thus become an equal negotiating partner, and you will get the right solution.

Who, in particular, does this course address?

The course is particularly intended for…

  • you who want safety when you negotiate on the behalf of your employees
  • you who wish to know what to look for prior to entering an agreement
  • you who play it by ear, using a “this-is-probably-the-way-it’s-usually-done” plan.
When you have completed the course, you will have:
  • an effective step by step plan for building up a pension agreement
  • all premises for steering safely clear of the (sadly far too many) classical mistakes
  • a razor-sharp understanding of what it really takes to arrive at the optimal pension agreement

Your investment

Your investment in your very own guarantee for “Future optimal pension agreements” as well as future opportunities will be your e-mail for the entire kit for downloading. No spam.

Jan Olsen

Expert in pension and investment and the founder of RISK insurance broker and RISK finance.

Since 1987, I have assisted businesses and private persons in Denmark and abroad with consultancy concerning pension and investment.

Any questions about the course kit, or do you need advice and guidance?

No matter where in the world you are right now, or what time it is, the ”school” will always be open: Through your personal login you will have access to easy download of all lessons to your computer. They will be yours for keeps, and you can use them on your iPad, iPod, Smartphone or other portable medium – over and over.

Still not quite sure whether to grab the offer?

Still need the final arguments as to why “Learn to understand how you build up an attractive pension agreement and 3 things to avoid” should be your next investment in time?
  • Because you will get insight which can be of future use
  • Because what you will learn here can be used in your argumentation towards your employees
  • Because the pension world is packed with potential opportunities to which you may not be presented